Real Food Round-Up – Eating From the Freezer

Vegetarian nachos

Every week I share a round-up of my dinners from the previous week – both the good and the bad!

Since I’m underemployed at the moment, I’ve been trying to eat up the food in the house rather than going shopping. This week I ate two meals from the freezer, made my own tahini from black sesame seeds and used up the bunch of rhubarb I got at Tamborine Mountain making salsa and stewed rhubarb. [Read more...]

Tamborine Mountain – Food, Wine and Wildlife

Avocados and rhubarb mt tamborine

Even though I’ve lived in Queensland for over four years now, I’m still discovering local foods and areas within south-east Queensland. After the Problogger Training Event, I was invited by Tourism and Events Queensland to visit Tamborine Mountain.

Tamborine Mountain calls itself “The Green Behind the Gold”, as it’s located on the Gold Coast Hinterland, and it was certainly lush and beautiful, with rainforest and bushland. The mountain makes up part of the Scenic Rim, which encompasses the a previous volcanic hotspot, meaning fertile soils and lots of wildlife: [Read more...]

Real Food Round-Up – Baked Potatoes

Slow cooker chicken with beans and salsa

Every week I share a round-up of my dinners from the previous week – both the good and the bad!

This week I was back at home after being away and so was able to cook some of my favourite meals, like chicken soup and baked potatoes. I also experimented with a new chicken recipe and was very happy with it.  [Read more...]

8 Things I Learnt at Problogger 2014

darren rowse problogger 2014I’ve just returned from a fantastic two days at the Problogger Training Event on the Gold Coast. Unlike last year, I wasn’t completely terrified walking in and was a lot more comfortable talking about my blog. Here are a few things I learnt, in no particular order.

1) Consistency and routine are very important in blogging. When I first started this blog, I was extremely consistent, posting seven days a week. That got too much pretty quickly and I changed to posting weekdays only, and stuck with that for about eighteen months. Then I started posting less and less as my thesis due date got closer and closer, and finally took a break altogether for a few months. I’m still not back into a routine, and this was a great reminder to get that sorted. [Read more...]

Real Food Round-Up – Conferences

roast beef conference dinner

Every week I share a round-up of my dinners from the previous week – both the good and the bad!

First of all, congratulations to the lucky winners of a double pass to the Real Food Festival, Lee-Anne and Tanay. I’ve sent you both an email and I need you to send me your addresses (to so that we can post out the passes.

Last week was unusual in that I didn’t cook a single dinner. In fact, I don’t think I cooked a single meal over the whole week. Don’t worry, there was a reason for that; I was only at home for around 12 hours between my conference trip to Perth and the Problogger conference on the Gold Coast. I did have a lot of good food on both trips, but it was quite rich and you never have the same level of control that you have at home. I’m looking forward to detoxing a bit this week.  [Read more...]